Custom Wheelchairs

Do you have a request that’s different from the options available on our regular wheelchairs?

Do I need a custom wheelchair? How do I know?

Mobility Warehouse offers a wide range of customizable manual and power wheelchair models to meet your specific needs. We have an Assistive Technology Professional on staff that can work with you, your physician and your therapist to help identify and recommend custom rehab equipment.

Full-Time wheelchair users should be properly fitted in their wheelchair. Consequences of an improperly fitted wheelchair range from comfort issues all the way up to decreased function and even changes to postural integrity. 

Customization options typically factor in access to environment, posture and level of function.

Options include but not limited to, upright vs tilt in space, multiple seat to floor heights, rigid supportive backrests and cushions, adjustable axles which can help position the rear wheels in the most efficient position to improve propulsion or to increase stability, multiple seat width and depths. Our ATP can work with you to decide what type of wheelchair and options might improve one or all of the categories above, access to environment, posture and level of function.

For example, maybe you have had a stroke and as a result you have decreased sensation. This new impairment has a multitude of potential implications. With the decreased sensation, you would need seating surface (cushion) that protects your skin from breakdown due to pressure. A good skin protection promotes immersion into the surface and decreases peak pressures. These types of cushions are available in Gel, foam, air or a combination of more than one of these elements. With decreased sensation, you might not know that it is time to do a weight shift (get pressure completely off of a specified area).

We realize that your chair is an expression of you. That’s why chairs can be custom fit to meet your anatomical measurements, needs, and personal taste. At Mobility Warehouse we specialize in working with you and your physician/therapist to find the best solution to fit your more complex situation.

If you require further information on the Custom Wheelchairs, or wish to place an order, please call us at (770) 507-6008. Our customer services team will be able to advise you on custom wheelchairs. We can also arrange for a consultation, where you will have the opportunity to have a hands-on demonstration.